Free boat sightseeing!

If you are a tourist/visitor in Oslo or Nesodden and want a little boat trip, just contact me and ask! I can take you and your friends for a nice trip between the small islands in the Oslo fjord, we can even stop and visit some of them!

The only thing I ask you too, is to share the pay for the fuel. If you are 3-4 friends and we use two-three hours, NOK 20 each is enough, I’m not doing this to earn money, just for fun and maybe give your visit a nice little extra touch! And, hopefully, meet new and interesting people!

The only limits is that it can be done when you ask for it! If I’m on work I can’t go, if I’m sick I can’t go, and if there is too much wind or ice on the fjord: No trip!

Also, especially from mid november until late march, the boat will not be available often because of weather, ice and wind.

IMG_0083And keep in mind that this is not a professional sightseeing boat, but a private boat with basic standards. I can take up to 10 persons on board, but I will not recommended more than 4-5. It’s a cabin where you can go inside and relax if you want to, but you will get most out of the trip if you stay outside with me. There even is a small toilet in case of emergency… 🙂 The boat will be heated during autumn/wintertime. There will be a lot of very nice photo opportunities!

The boat is from 1974, but very well taken care of, and safe! The boat don’t go fast – about 5 knots – so a basic trip around the nearest islands in the fjord will take about 1,5 to 2 hours. If you want to go a little bit further, expect 3-4 hours! I can pick you up in central Oslo/Aker Brygge Marina.

By norwegian law you have to wear a life vest/life jacket while on board the boat. I have seven life jackets on board at the time being. If you don’t wear the vest and we are controlled by police, the fine is NOK 500 per person. Which I have to pay… So using a life jacket is mandatory!

I plan to upgrade the boat during 2016/2017, which will limiy the availbility – especially in may/beginning of june 2017  but I will still use it as much as possible. 🙂

Unfortunately I have had some problems with the email the last months, so if you have tried to contact me, I am sorry if you haven’t gotten a reply! Please use the contact form to send me an email if you you want to try a boat trip!

Please also check this site for information about more free tours!

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