Sightseeing tours

 Free sightseeing trips so far:

Date Guest/s Nation Route
03.01.15 Chen-Hong Valentine Hsin Taiwan Tjuvholmen – Bjørvika – Langøyene – Lindøya (on shore) – Dyna fyr – Tjuvholmen.
19.01.15 Susanne & Angela Soldner Germany Tjuvholmen – Bjørvika – Hovedøya – Lindøya (on shore) – Nakkholmen – Tjuvholmen.
10.05.16 Harry & Jenn U.K. Tjuvholmen – Bjørvika – Hovedøya – Lindøya – Nakkholmen – Tjuvholmen.

Because I spent 36 weeks in hospital and rehabilitaion in 2015 after I had to amputate my right leg, I haven’t had any more sightseeing trips yet. But I am again boating and available!

Read more about my free boat trips here!

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